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From Wikipedia:

Torment is a Peruvian black metal band formed in 2004 by Satanel (guitar and voice) and Raksaza (drums). They are renowned for introducing Noise Music into Black Metal in their early albums. This admixture was rejected by many metal musicians. This band is also infamous for the drummer's involvement in some National Socialist Black Metal bands even when the musician’s real ideologies are not yet clear.

The band self-released their first demo "Black Holocaust" in 2004. After this they signed with the Peruvian Sad Spirit Productions for the release of the "Pale Proud Slaughter" demo in 2005 and the "Satanic Black Terror" EP in 2006. In 2007 the Chinesse label Funeral Moonlight Productions edited a compilation album entitled "Black Terrorism" containing all their previous releases. And in the year of 2008 the Canadian label Funeral Rain Records produced the band's first full length called "Hircus Emissarius".



Style: Black Metal
Type: Demo
Year: 2004

Style: Black Metal
Type: EP
Year: 2006


Style: Black Metal
Type: Full Length
Year: 2008